Career Opportunities 


Graduates can hold positions such as hair stylist, hair coloring technician, permanent waving technician, scalp and hair specialist, facial expert, makeup artist, manicurist, nail technician, shop manager, and shop owner. They can also enter in regional, national, and international competitions.

Career Opportunities 

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Opportunities for Cosmetology Instructor 

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On Time Graduation Rate

Cosmetology Program

Instructor’s Program 



41.5 %


65 Graduates

0 Graduates

27 On Time 

0 On Time

PLEASE NOTE: On-Time Graduation Rate consists of graduates who complete their program on or before their original contracted graduation date. The Department of Education prohibits an institution from including in the On-Time Graduation Rate a graduate who may have taken a leave of absence, graduation was delayed due to school closing for bad weather, or changed their original enrollment schedule. It is the policy of Mr. Bernard’s School to accommodate requested schedule changes and documented leave of absences. Students who fall into this category, although they graduate, do not meet the definition of an on time graduate and are not included in this rate.

Normal Time to Complete


Instructor’s Program 

Full-time 61 weeks

Full-time 38 weeks

Part-time 84 weeks

Part-time 48 weeks 

Tuition and Fees

Cosmetology Program

Instructor’s Program 

Tuition                    $ 12,300.00

Tuition                   $ 7,500.00 

Enrollment Fee    $ 100.00

Enrollment Fee   $ 100.00 

Kit & Books           $ 1,566.00 

Kit & Books                 n/a 

Total                       $ 13,966.00 

 Total                    $ 7,650.00

Placement Rate
Cosmetology Program


73.2 %

56 Eligible for Employment

41 Employed

Median Loan Debt 2011/2012

Cosmetology Program

Instructor’s Program 

$ 7,500 

$ 6,500 

• Placement Rate for the Instructor Training was not calculated as there were no graduates from that program in the 2011/2012 year.

This debt reflects only Title IV loan funds, students do no receive private or institutional funding.

Reported January 2013

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