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This is an outline of the general manner in which the students spend their time in school. The first two hundred (200) hours of training; which is referred to as Level One, are spent in formulating a basic orientation in cosmetology; which includes a basic introduction to procedure, safety and sanitation in shampooing, draping, conditioning, manicuring, scalp treatments, hand and arm massage, hairstyling, hair coloring, hair cutting, permanent waving and the theory and practical theory associated with these subjects.

Once the first two hundred (200) hours are completed, students are assigned to groups according to their level of training. Groups will be scheduled for theory class, practical class and time in the student salon.

Gainful Employment Disclosure 

The primary purpose of the Cosmetology program is to train the student in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the state required examination and for competency in job entry-level positions in Barber/Cosmetology or related career field.

Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

1. Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.2. Practice proper grooming and effective communications skills and visual poise.

3. Understand employer‑employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received.

4. Perform the basic manipulative skills including hair styling, shaping, lightening, tinting, chemical reformation, scalp/hair conditioning, facials, manicures, pedicures and nail extensions.5. Apply the theory, technical information and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures.

To ensure continued career success, the graduate will continue to learn new and current information related to techniques, trends, fashions, and methods for career development in Barber/Cosmetology and related fields.

- requirements for Barbering and Cosmetology practice.

 Shampoo 75 hours   150 operations
 Permanent Waving 225 hours   112 operations
 Finger Waving (includes styling, etc.) 200 hours   100 operations
 Hair Coloring 130 hours   40 operations
 Hair Cutting (Shears, Thinning Shears
 and Razor)
300 hours   200 operations
 Cosmetic Therapy - Scalp Treatment,
 Facial Massage
100 hours   50 operations
 Use of Cosmetics, the art of Make-Up
80 hours   40 operations
 Electrical Devices 40 hours   N/A
 Hygiene, Sanitation, Anatomy, Chemistry 120 hours   N/A
 Wiggery 20 hours   N/A
 Chemical Hair Relaxing 80 hours   N/A
 Shop Management and State Laws 80 hours   N/A
 Unassigned - to be applied to: Study of theory 50 hours   N/A
 Subjects in which any individual student may be deficient, elective
 cosmetology subjects and miscellaneous.  
 TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED:  1500 hours  

Bacteriology, Cells, Chemistry, Circulatory System, Cold Waving, Endocrine System, Excretory System, Respiratory System, Anatomy of Hair, Hairstyling, Heat Permanent Waving, Light Therapy, Massage, Muscular System, Nails, Nervous System, Personal Hygiene, Scalp Treatment, Shampoos and Rinses, Skeletal System, Skin, Sterilization, Sanitation, Chemical Relaxing, Personal Development, Care and Styling of Wigs, Business Management, State Laws, and Regulations pertinent to Hairdressing and Salesmanship.

Students are assigned academic learning and a minimum number of practical experiences. Academic learning is evaluated after each unit of study. Practical assignments are evaluated and counted toward course completion. At least two comprehensive practical skills evaluations will be conducted during the course of study. Practical skills are evaluated according to text procedures and set forth in practical skills evaluation criteria adopted by the school. Students must make up missed tests and incomplete assignments.

Numerical grades are considered according to the following scale:

 90 -- 100  A - EXCELLENT
 80 -- 89  B - GOOD
 70 -- 79  C - ACCEPTABLE
 Below 70  F - FAILING

The clock hour education is provided through a sequential set of learning steps that address specific tasks necessary for state board preparation, graduation, and entry-level job skills. Student salon equipment, implements, and products are comparable to those used in the industry. The course is presented through comprehensive lesson plans that reflect effective educational methods. Subjects are presented by means of lecture, demonstration, and interactive student participation. Audiovisual aids, guest speakers, field trips, projects, activities, and other related learning methods are used for course delivery.

A comprehensive resource of references, periodicals, books, texts, and audio/video tapes are available to support the course of study and supplement the students' training. Students should avail themselves of the opportunity to use these extensive materials.

Policy and Regulatory agencies require students to complete an established number of practical experiences for satisfactory skills development and graduation.

Book Bundle
Standard Cosmetology Textbook
Cosmetology Study Guide
Cosmetology Dictionary
Licensing Exam Study Guide
Hair Cutting Book
Hair Coloring Book

Student Kit Contents

Large Carrying Case (Lewiston)  Trimmer
 Lockable Roll-about tray (Bangor)  Clipper
 Canvas Tote Bag  1 Flat Iron
 2 Shaping Razors  Nail Polish Kit
 Nail Buffer  Manicuring Tool Kit
 4 Human Hair Mannequins  Mannequin Hand & Clamp
 Mannequin Clamp & Extension  Stylist Apron
 Styling Dryer  8 Brushes – various types and sizes
 3 Curling Irons ( ½”, ¾” & 1”)  Cosmetic Kit
 22 Dozen Magnetic Rollers – Various sizes  2 boxes Double Prong Clips
 40 Dozen Perm Rods – Various sizes  Hair Pins & Bobbi Pins – as needed
 2 Pairs of Shears  2 Pin Tail Combs
 1 Pair of Thinning Shears  2 dozen Styling Combs
 Rubber Gloves – as needed  6 Tail Combs
 Sectioning Clips  Hair Lifter
 Color Applicator Bottle  Spray Bottle
 Tint Brush  Plastic Tote Bag
 2 Shampoo Capes  End Papers – as needed
 3 Polo Shirts  Crochet Hook
 Hair Net  Hair Spray – as needed
   Cutting Cloth
   Comb Out Cape
   Kiddie Cape
   1 Dozen Butterfly Clips

The cost of the Student Kit for Cosmetology Students is $1,566.00. The contents may be purchased at Mr. Bernard’s School or at a Beauty Supply Outlet. The cost of the student kit is non-refundable.

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